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Roots by Tree Hill Farms was conceived when two brothers' quest to sustain a generational family farm and to provide quality, healthy local food met with a passion for hospitality and community . The result was a brand new adventure of bringing people together around great tasting real food to celebrate life, family and community!

After founding Tree Hill Farms, the Livingston family spent a few years selling their pork, beef, chicken, and seasonal produce to local businesses and families. Eventually they entered the catering world, providing and preparing meals for office parties, weddings, and other private events. While catering, Darby and Cleyo Livingston--along with their wives Amanda and Deanna--began to perfect some of the recipes you can still enjoy at Roots by Tree Hill Farms today.


The restaurant began to take shape in March. As concern about COVID-19 began to lock down local communities and force restaurants and stores to close or reduce their hours, the Livingston family saw an opportunity to help their community by providing a high quality, low-contact carryout option in Union City during the pandemic. Even when other restaurants began to re-open, the demand for Roots by Tree Hill Farms was simply too high to refuse. The Livingstons chose to open full-time with a permanent menu and were soon given an opportunity to open a second location in Winchester.


The current menu is a perfect marriage of the different passions and skills that exist within the family. “Amanda grew up near Chicago and learned to cook pizza and subs in the region.” Darby says, “Using our high-quality ingredients and the skills she carried from her days in pizza restaurants, we perfected recipes for hand-tossed crust, sauces, and topping combinations that people quickly started to love.” Along with this pizza, the menu also features pulled pork, chicken, and brisket; all raised by the Livingston family at Tree Hill Farms.


“It’s really about the community.” Amanda says, “We love what we’re doing, we love people, and as long as people want to come together over our food, we’ll give them a place to do it.”


You can get a taste of this family’s vision and delicious farm-to-table food at both the Winchester and Union City locations Wednesday-Saturday evenings, Sunday afternoon in Winchester, and Sunday evening in Union City.

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